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How To Delete Kik Account In 2021 Full Detail

how to delete kik account

Kik is a popular chat program, thanks in part to its message encryption. It also allows users to register without providing a phone number. Kik is used by many kids and adults as a quick and free way to communicate with their friends and family. Kik, on the other hand, is not without its detractors. It’s had to deal with a slew of spam and other bot-generated content.

Kik’s ownership has changed in the last year, and as the changes take effect, you may decide that Kik is no longer for you. You can deactivate your account if you want to leave Kik or if you want to completely erase your online presence.

You might be in charge of a loved one’s digital possessions after they’ve passed away. Another reason you might need to remove a Kik account is because of this. This will help to protect your loved one’s privacy and data in the long run.

Save your account passwords in a password manager to avoid future mistakes or security problems. Dashlane, LastPass, or RoboForm are all good options. The rest of our recommendations may be found in our article on the best free or low-cost password managers.

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How To Delete Your Kik Account Forever

With their deleting process, Kik keeps things easy. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and email confirmation. The final step is sending a confirmation email, so it’s not a difficult procedure.

What’s the point of deleting your Kik account? It’s critical to keep track of your digital information, whether it’s something you include in your will as part of your digital legacy or you’re just trying to keep track of your social media accounts. Create a legal will in minutes using Trust & Will to incorporate your accounts (like Kik) in your final wishes and estate plan. The greatest method to protect yourself and your accounts are to be prepared.

Think About Your Possibilities.

You don’t have to delete everything permanently. Kik has a similar option for “deactivating” your account. If you choose this option, you can log back in and reactivate your account.

The biggest advantage of deactivating your account is that no one can send you Kik messages while you are away. It’s a fantastic place to start if you want to explore how you feel without Kik. You can still submit your deletion request later if you like the modification.

Here’s How To Remove Your Kik Account Quickly And Easily.

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To Request Deletion, Use Kik’s Conversation Box.

Kik features a simple web form for requesting your account be deleted. On an Android or iPhone, you can use the same form. You can also utilize your computer, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop.

Your username and email address, as well as your reason for leaving, are all that are required on the form. They suggest things like “difficulty making friends” or “doesn’t have the qualities I desire.”

This information isn’t used to persuade you to stay; rather, it appears to be a resource for them to figure out how to improve their application.

Click “Go!” Once You’re Sure You’re Ready To Delete.

After you’ve finished filling out the web form, select the radio button that says you understand there’s no way to retrieve your account once you’ve finished. You’d have to start over with a fresh Kik account.

The submit button says “Go!” yet there’s still one more confirmation step once you click it.

Open The Confirmation Email And Delete It Completely.

When you click “Go!” an email will be sent to the address linked with your Kik account.

Open this email and select “Permanent Delete” to complete the deleting process.

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How To Delete A Kik Account For A Dead Person

Finding out what websites your loved one has accounts with is one of the first stages in settling an estate. If a loved one had a Kik account before they died, you can request that it be erased so that no one tries to contact them.

Kik has protocols in place for deleting minors’ accounts, so they’re used to requests from people who aren’t the account holder. An important element of the post-loss checklist is to remove their accounts, including social media accounts. Not only are you safeguarding their identity, but you’re also preventing their account from falling into the wrong hands.

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1: Here Are Various Options For Deleting A Kik Account Of A Departed Loved One:

Try deleting the account based on the username and email address.

For further information, send an email to support or safety.

Try deleting the account based on the username and email address.

Because the Kik deletion process is so straightforward, all you need is your username, email address, and access to that email to submit a request.

You might be able to submit the deletion web form without knowing the individual’s Kik password if you have access to their cell phone and their Kik-associated email.

Submit the web form, then open the Kik account cancellation confirmation email and delete it.

2: For Further Information, Send An Email To Support Or Safety.

Even if you don’t have access to your departed loved one’s email account, you can still have their Kik account deleted. is the first email address to attempt. Send them an online obituary or a copy of the death certificate, as well as any information you have about the Kik account. Whether you’re organising a virtual funeral with GatheringUs or a different style of the memorial, you’ll need this information to plan your loved one’s final rites.

Another handy email address is if you feel your Kik account has been hacked in some way. This contacts Kik’s Safety Center, which may be able to assist you in directing your inquiry and finally deleting the account in question.

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