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Why Does My Youtube Keep Stopping How To Fix It

why does my youtube keep stopping

If YouTube keeps halting for no apparent reason, you are not alone. This tutorial will show you how to fix the problem. Many YouTube users have lately complained that videos on their devices often halt. YouTube keeps stopping issues on your devices is something we’ll be sharing with you in the future. A cache is a piece of data that keeps track of your activity in the program, and it’s common for applications to have a number of them. Clear the cache on YouTube by following our instructions.

So, YouTube is a very popular and effective software these days, as you can see. There are millions of individuals who utilize it all around the world, and they’ve done so for many generations. The viewing, uploading, and downloading of YouTube videos are all made possible thanks to YouTube. However, it falls short of perfection. When using the YouTube Software, you may have run into some hiccups, just like with any other app.

For the most part, YouTube keeps crashing and halting. There have been reports from a number of YouTube viewers that the video plays well at first, but then abruptly ceases (it can be a random touch). That way, viewers may watch and re-watch the video, but YouTube continues stopping.

As a result of YouTube, the dynamics of the marketing industry have shifted. A video marketing technique has been embraced by millions of businesses to get the attention of their target audience. There’s little doubt that this technique has paid off for marketers and influencers throughout the world. For both video producers and watchers, crashing the YouTube app on a mobile device or a desktop computer may be a major hindrance.

It’s possible to fix the YouTube constantly crashing problem, as we’ll see in the sections that follow.

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Why Does YouTube Keep Stopping?

If the video keeps stopping suddenly while you’re streaming it on YouTube, it may be really aggravating. Playback issues on YouTube may be resolved by making adjustments to your video settings or your browser preferences. Problems with hardware or network settings might also occur.

1: Buffering

This occurs when the video has not yet completed loading when you start watching it. It’s easier to just pause and wait for the movie to complete loading when you’re constantly interrupted by buffering. The color of the location bar indicates how much of the video has been loaded. If the video is loaded, it will be light grey. If it is not, it will be black.

2: Connection

For YouTube to work properly, you must have a minimum Internet speed of 500 Kbps. If you do not, you will have trouble loading videos. Turning the video quality down may help when the video loads but the playing is choppy or stutters. Video of lower quality consumes less bandwidth since it uses fewer resources.

3: Cache

Streaming videos are stored in your browser’s cache until you play them. If your cache contains an incomplete copy of the video you’re attempting to load, it may prevent the video from playing. It is possible to resolve this issue by going to the settings or options page of your browser and deleting all cookies and cache.

4: Miscellaneous Problems

Videos may also be interrupted by a variety of other problems. If you’re attempting to utilize YouTube while also playing online games, downloading files, or streaming from other sources, you may run into issues since all of these activities use bandwidth. If YouTube isn’t identified as a trustworthy source in your network or computer’s firewall, you may have playing issues. To watch YouTube videos, you’ll need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

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Easy Fixes For “YouTube Keeps Stopping” Error

Up Your Network Bandwidth

Most of your issues with YouTube crashes and pauses may be solved with this. By upgrading your bandwidth, you’ll be able to watch YouTube videos without interruption.

Streaming YouTube requires a minimum connection speed of 500 kbps. To avoid falling into this category, you should look into upgrading your WiFi or mobile data plan to one with more bandwidth.

Clear Cache 

Follow the procedures listed below to delete the cache on your YouTube account.

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Time To Clean The Headphone Jack

If your issue stems from your headphones, it’s time to wipe up the headphones jack on your Android phone. If you’d rather not do it yourself, you may always hire a professional. You can perform it yourself, but it’s best if you visit a service facility for assistance.

To clean your headphone jack on your own, blast off any dust or lint that has collected in it using compressed air. A dry cotton swab works well for cleaning the headphone jack.

Update YouTube App

In some cases, a simple app update will take care of the problem. Updating the app, as easy as it may appear, might resolve difficulties with previous versions of the app.

Even deleting and reinstalling the applications may assist eliminate app crashes if they are caused by a hurried app installation.

Follow these procedures to update an Android app:

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