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What Is GIGASURF50 How To Register ON GIGASURF50


The former GIGA SURF is now known as a GIGA promo and offers different promotional variants such as GIGA STORIES, GAMES, WORK, K-VIDEO, and MUSIC.


Smart/TNT GIGASURF 50, GIGA VIDEO 50 currently, is a 1GB all-access data promotion + 1GB/day for YouTube, iWantTFC, the NBA League Pass & the Cignal Play app/site, which is 3-day valid.

GIGA SURF 50 provides a total of 4GB of data. It consists of 1GB of all access data to surf any app/site and 1GB of everyday video for three days.

The GIGASURF 50 or GIGA VIDEO 50 offer Smart/TNT also covers unlimited SMS for all networks. Talk ‘N Text (TNT) and Sun Prepaid customers are also accessible.


The Giga promotion is offered to subscribers of Smart, Talk ‘N Text (TNT) and Sun Prepaid.

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How To Register GigaSURF50

With a load of 50 pesos and 1 peso load balance, you may record GIGA50 to 4545, call *123#, and choose GIGA>VIDEO via SMS. Make sure you have the balance of 1 peso to continue to use the deal before the expiration date.

Make sure you receive a notice verifying your registration or utilizing your information to prevent needless costs before messaging.

How To Share And Pass TNT GigaSURF Data To Another TNT Subscriber

Another nice thing about GIGASURF 50 is that if you have a family member or friend that needs to carry the load quickly, you may transmit the data to another TNT subscriber.

To record just GIGA50 to 4545 texts.

Then PASADATA<SPACE>11 DIGIT TNT Number <SPACE><amount in MB> (Talk N’Text number you wish to share your load),

MB and send 808 For example PASADATA 09153456789 100MB and forward it to 808Your number and the number you shared will receive a TNT notice verifying your registration.

TALK ‘N TEXT continued to deliver the greatest services and value-added promotions to its subscribers. TNT and officially known as Talk N Text, sometimes known as Piltel, Mobile, Phone Pal is a subsidiary in the Philippines of Smart Communications.

With a USSD code *121#, you may always check TNT promotions for free on your mobile phone.

You may not be able to register for a TNT promo in cases. There are numerous reasons why this is happening. One is that your area is not provided with the Talk ‘N’ text. It is also because of system maintenance or because the promo isn’t accessible anymore. Check the Talk ‘N Text webpage always to make sure you have the newest promotions updated.

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Mobile Data Saving Tips When Using TNT GigaSURF50

Stop and deactivate Google Play Store auto-updates. Open the Google Play Store App and then press the navigation drawer to find the settings menu. Tap auto-update applications and three options will appear 1. OVER ANY NETWORK, 2. OVER WI-FI ONLY, 3. Don’t update automatic access points. Then choose NOT AUTO-UPDATE APPS.

NOTE: A manual update will be needed for all your mobile apps, and you will be able to enable it again if you discover this is not convenient for you.

Turn off your phone’s auto-sync functions. An example is when you automatically update your file to your dropbox.

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Know which programs have minimal data use. Facebook and Messenger are good examples. If not in use, turn off your data.

To check your data use, you may download Datally from Google. On your phone, you need to enable ON DATA SAVER to set a minimum of 330 MB to automatically switch off the data.

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