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Pldt Fibr Plan 1299 Review

pldt fibr plan 1299 review

We have had a web connection plan recently and here is my PLDT Home DSL Plan 1299 revision.

We have had a lot of trouble with our internet connection recently because of various cable problems, and we cannot obtain a Converge FiberX (or any kind of fiber connection), because the building we are living in evidently isn’t yet suitable for fiber.

We were locked in Home Prepaid WiFi with Globe for some time, but it is so unstable that I would always stress it. My profession permits me to operate remotely, thus I absolutely need a strong/fast connection to Skype and Webex. And in this field, the Globe Prepaid WiFi constantly fails me. Fortunately, a PLDT Home DSL is available to save the day.

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How To Apply?

Just a few weeks ago, PLDT established a kiosk near our site to market their Home Fibre Plans. We submitted the application form through their officer who was in charge of the booth. However, you may also apply via their website. Oh, if you question, why we haven’t applied on your website, it is because your online application will require you to nominate a fixed-line to reach you. We don’t have a fixed-line and don’t know anyone who has one. So, yeah, that heaven-sent agent.

What Is In The Plan? 

We requested DSL Unli Plan 1299 with speeds up to 5 Mbps per month for 1,299 pesos. A DSL fee of 100.00 pesos for installation + activation is payable once. The package is equipped with a WiFi/router and a free fixed/cable phone.

Our PLDT router has a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band. What is the distinction? The former is ideal for lengthy periods, whereas the latter is speedier than the former.

Unlimited phone calls are free as long as you call someone in Manila Metro.

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1: Unli Fibr Plan

These Fiber designs for your house are the greatest

If you plan to use any of these ideas, you have a lot to do. PLDT is on sale in China for the new year and you may make use of any plan at a discounted price: 

PLDT Fibr Plans Business

The telecommunications firm also conceived a wonderful concept of extending the Fibr experience to companies and workplaces. Based on the national fiber and LTE coverage, FibrBiz provides an easy and cost-effective method to connect to the Internet and manage the most demanding data and applications in the world today. This internet service also sets the bar for broadband solutions for businesses and offers business-level internet access. If you opted to use this plan, with either Managed Access Point or Cignal TV you may select to add value to your FibrBiz plans.

Below are the plans for your company you may pick from

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PLDT Fibr Plans Review.

Although PLDT reports on its customer care and sluggish Internet access are occasionally unfavorable, the telecom firm does its utmost to outstand in its services. There are also testimonials from their pleased clients that assist you to try this telco. Ryan Cayabyab, a composer, and maestro from the Philippines remarked that this (PLDT) is probably my quickest link ever Don’t wait, don’t buffer! No waste of time. No waste of time. I can do a lot more work. On the other side, Patricia Hizon, sportscaster and television personality, remarked that it’s better to have a constant stream of knowledge you can obtain if you want to be able to interact better with your children with the highest strong internet connection like PLDT.

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