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See Limetorrents Alternatives For Free

LimeTorrents is a leading torrent directory with millions of users thanks to its high quality and excellent support. Unlike many similar services, Limetorrents does not store any torrent files on its own servers. Instead of the file itself, it directs you to other sites that do. If you’re looking for a place to get your hands on the newest releases in video games, software, eBooks, movies, and music, look no further than Limetorrents. For those who can’t access LimeTorrents directly, we’ve provided a list of active Limetorrent proxies you can use.

Limetorrents may be blocked in your country due to geographical restrictions if you are located outside of the United States or Australia. You can easily access Limetorrent through the proxies or mirrors on this page.

In addition to everything else this guide can do for you, using FastestVPN when trying to connect to a Limetorrent proxy is a great idea. It improves performance, provides security, conceals your location, and increases your level of anonymity on the web. Knowing that proxies frequently have ties to outside parties can be very helpful.

A List of the Best Substitutes for LimeTorrent

The Best Free Alternatives to LimeTorrents That Will Get You the Torrent Files You Want are Listed Here.

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1: 1337X

Videos, music, games, and programmes are all available for rapid download, and their authenticity has been verified. Danilo Venom first included 1337X in March of 2016; the most recent update was in January of 2020. The Activity Log provides context for all actions taken on 1337X. Whether it’s a change of address, a new phone number, or a report of spam or a termination, 1337X lets you do it all.

2: The Pirate Bay

The website’s popularity stems from the vast resources it provides in the form of torrents, which cover a wide variety of media types (movies, TV shows, games, eBooks, software, applications, and so on).

This website is competitive because it has a simple and interesting user interface, two features that have won the favour of many visitors. The Pirate Bay also allows torrent users to easily and freely share files with one another.

3: ExtraTorrent

As the most popular torrent search engine and BitTorrent client, ExtraTorrent is in a league of its own. It is well-known for providing its users with authentic torrent files at no cost.

ExtraTorrent’s superior search engine system is its primary selling point. With just a few keystrokes, users can find exactly what they’re looking for in their favourite torrent through this system.

ExtraTorrent is a torrent search engine that operates independently, and it provides a platform for the distribution of adult materials. In addition to the ones provided by the best torrent sites in general. ExtraTorrent is presently one of the largest directories of torrent files in the world due to its simple interface.


When it comes to torrent sites, “RARGB” was one of the first to launch in 2008. Both torrent files and magnet links are available on the site, making P2P file sharing a breeze. In addition, it features a robust index of torrent files, allowing users to conduct searches across a wide range of categories, such as media, applications, and books.

The interface is uncomplicated and straightforward. It’s fast enough for my needs. Last but not least, some users may find the service’s abundance of advertisements to be intrusive. Using RARBG effectively requires patience.

5: YTS

If you like LimeTorrents, where you can download videos, you will adore YTS. You can get the newest releases of movies, TV shows, web series, and more from this video torrent site. The great thing about YTS is how well-designed the interface is. In addition, YTS’s front page features a comprehensive catalogue of the site’s most popular and most recent torrent releases.

6: TorLock

Torlock is one of the best torrent sites out there because it only hosts verified torrent files. It’s refreshing to see such a well-designed website devoted to the needs of its user base. The torrents on this site are of the highest quality, and they were all checked for viruses and trojans before they were made available to the public.

7: IsoHunt

IsoHunt is one of several authorised torrent sites. Also, like other torrent search engines, it provides access to a large library of torrent files in various genres, such as films, television shows, games, and more.

Users are free to download an unlimited number of torrent files from this site. The user interface is a little clumsy, but most people learn to live with it. As for the rest, we think it’s standard fare for the torrenting industry. It’s best to try it out once and then share your thoughts in the section below.

8: Skytorrents

Skytorrents, a torrent search engine that debuted in 2018, is both tidy and concerned with users’ privacy. The intelligence connection ensures that this cutting-edge project is always up to date, and while manual interference is restricted, it is still possible. Every day, countless new torrents are found and made accessible for study by anyone. Not only does Skytorrents offer private, limitless downloads for free, but its service is also completely anonymous.

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Thus, the best Limetorrents proxy sites have been discussed. Using these proxies, I hope you are able to access LimeTorrents and download torrents without any restrictions.

Put other torrent search engines you like to use besides LimeTorrents in the comments.

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