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How To Whitelist IP Addresses In WordPress

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Is your firewall preventing members of your staff from accessing your website? This isn’t uncommon. Firewalls and other security mechanisms can prevent harmful traffic from accessing your website, but they can also prevent legitimate traffic.

A website firewall for one of our customers was preventing his clients from accessing the site. Due to the inability to access the internet, certain measures on the website were delayed, which resulted in worse problems. Needless to say, our customer was in a state of panic and sought assistance.

If you follow the appropriate methods, you should be able to solve this problem very quickly. We’ll walk you through the various options for whitelisting IP addresses in WordPress in this article.

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What Is Ip Address Whitelisting, And How Does It Work?

You may manage who can (and cannot) access your website by whitelisting IP addresses in WordPress.

Blacklisting is an effective approach to prevent harmful traffic from accessing your website. You can manually blacklist a malicious IP address or use a firewall to automate the procedure.

A firewall can be used to filter traffic to your website. Access to your site is restricted to bad traffic. Firewalls, on the other hand, have been known to block legitimate traffic. In some circumstances, the website administrator or team members are unable to access their own site. When you whitelist IP addresses in WordPress, the block is removed and they may access your website again.

How Can I Add An Ip Address To A Whitelist? (Both Manually And Through A Plugin)

You can whitelist IP addresses in WordPress in two methods. You may manually whitelist IP addresses with access or use a plugin to whitelist IP addresses.

You’ll need to be familiar with WordPress files to do it manually. You’re more likely to make blunders that will break your website if you don’t do so. It is far safer to use a WordPress plugin.

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Using A Plugin, Whitelist Ip Addresses In WordPress

Step 1: On your WordPress website, download and install the MalCare Security Plugin. Set up your MalCare account by following our instructions.

Step 2: Allow the user whose IP has been restricted access to the website. This attempt will be recorded by MalCare. In MalCare’s Traffic Request section, the IP addresses will appear.

Log into your MalCare dashboard and then click on your website to access the Traffic Request area. To access the traffic logs, go to Firewall > Traffic Logs. You’ll find the IP addresses that attempted to visit your site there.

You’ll need to figure out what IP address is being blacklisted. Your coworkers or clients are more likely to create the first few IPs. However, check the time and the country of origin to ensure that you are selecting the correct IP address.

To whitelist IP addresses in WordPress, click the edit button next to the IP address you want to whitelist. The IP address will be added to a whitelist.

The quickest way to accomplish this is to use the MalCare plugin. However, we recognize that some of our readers may be hesitant to add more plugins to their website and would prefer to do so manually.

Using Htaccess, You Can Whitelist Ip Addresses In WordPress.

Using htaccess, you can whitelist IP addresses in WordPress, however, there are two major limitations.

The manual method is NOT recommended. However, we’ll demonstrate how tough it is to manually whitelist IP addresses in WordPress.

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Final Thoughts 

We hope you found our post to be informative. Because your firewall was preventing your clients or coworkers, you had to install a plugin or an htaccess file to whitelist IP addresses in WordPress. A firewall should only be used to prevent malicious traffic from entering your website. It should be intelligent enough to distinguish between bad and good traffic. MalCare, for example, includes a Smart WordPress Firewall Plugin that monitors attacks across hundreds of websites in order to compile a list of IP addresses with malicious intent. MalCare analyses its list of malicious IPs whenever an IP requests access to your website to see if the requesting party is harmful. Malicious IP addresses are immediately blacklisted.

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