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How To PasaLoad Guide For GLOBE TM


Globe’s Share-A-Load/Promo/MB Service enables Globe/TM abonor load, promotion or data to be transferred to any other subscriber of Globe/TM. You may use 3 distinct methods for Globe Pasaload, either by text/SMS, USSD code *143# or Globe/TM SIM menus.

The Globe/TM Pasaload is a handy means of reloading your account when you run out of load, and there is no Globe shop or loading station. You may sign up for cheap Globe and TM promotions to enjoy a selection of call, text and surfing bundles after you’ve been pasaload. Be sure you have adequate prepaid load balance to start sharing the load from one cell number to another, and then follow the pasaload instruction below.

How To Pasaload In Globe Or 

In Globe or TM, there are several ways to load. So you may still try the other ways albeit you can’t acquire it in one attempt. We’ll cover all the methods you can accomplish that in this blog article!

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1: Through SMS

Perhaps the best approach is to text the load amount and then send it to 2+ the recipient’s 10-digit number. Basically, the initial number that is always “0” to “2” is always replaced.

2: Dialing *143#

You only have to go to your phone and dial *143# in this next approach. Then follow the following steps:

  1. Compose *143#
  2. On the menu, select My Account
  3. Choose Share-A-Load/MB next.
  4. You have many option options such as share load w/o pin, share load w/pin, share promotion w/o pin, share promotion w/o pin, share promotion w/pin, share mb and change pin. 4.
  5. Go the Change PIN first if you want to set up a PIN.
  6. It is simplest to pick Share Load w/o PIN to load in Globe or TM.
  7. After this, you just have to follow the instructions to insert the load amount, and then the recipient’s 10 digit number. But the first “0” must be replaced with

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How To Set Your Globe Pasaload PIN

You can establish a PIN to avoid prepaid load robbery. To configure your Globe Pasaload PIN, REG text <4 digit PIN> <4-10 PIN Clue> will be sent to 2916. For the transaction, you will be charged §1.

For example: REG 1025 and send to 2916 BIRTHDAY.

If you already registered a PIN but forgot it, then you will be able to transmit it to 2916 by texting GET <MPIN Clue>. For instance: GET BIRTHDAY and send it to 2916.

You may also establish your Globe Pasaload PIN, call *143#, enter MyAccount, then Share-A-Load/Promo/MB and then Share PIN Change.


It is simple to share your additional prepayment load with other Globe or TM subscribers. So, if your friend or loved one desperately needs mobile phone loading, just follow the procedures in this article to send him your additional load. Do not forget to check your balance first so that you have sufficient prepayment load to distribute.

If you have problems or concerns with Globe pasaload, please contact a customer care person at 211 (for Globe subscribers) or 808 (for TM subscribers).

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